first entry, 12/23/07

Restored hunting pouches on u tube

Here is a link to a little video I posted showing about a dozen old pouches I restored some time ago...

A Carved Scottish Powder Horn

please follow that link to see a horn I recently carved...

We are back

We are back...due to some required upgrades that were way over my head, the page here was toast...
but were back now thanks to Casey! Thanks a million Case...

New Art Work

I just finished up a new print based on local legends at Starved Rock...
I tried to combine a few styles, including the New Woodlands popularized by
the Indian Group of Seven...
(images to follow)

Blackpowder Magazine .com

You need to follow this link and see what Larry Pletcher is doing to help get the word out about the upcoming CLA auction.
Look for the "CLA Article " prompt at the top of the page...

Folllow this link.

The auction campaign for the upcoming CLA auction is flying on the link above to see whats been posted on the Contemporary Makers Blog for us so far... Im sure you will enjoy seeing it all as much as we are having fun bring it all to you...

New CLA web page and auction information

The Contemporary Longrifle Association has updated their web page, and given the Contemporary Longrifle Foundation a spot to post up news and information there too. The CLF is the group that raised money for the CLA...its the board members of the CLF that edit and direct the production of the American Tradition magazine, made the House Brothers project happen, and who put on the annual live auction at the Lexington show in August.

I would encourage you to look at the new CLA web page:

Skink hide

I found a real commercial dealer that is actually selling hair on slink (or Slunk?) calf hide. What is that? Its actually the tanned hide of an unborn calf.The hide is tanned in Argentina, and unfortunately its not vegetable tanned. However, that said, it is exactly whats needed for so many hair on professionally made hunting bags. The hair is like velvet, and it really cant be replicated well. Even though "shaved" hides can be worked up and used, deer being used most often, once you see a real slunk hide you will realize the huge difference.

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