image galleries are growing

I have been updating the image galleries. To see the photos and comments, slick on the "Image Gallery" prompt, then select which gallery you want to see. Clicking on the photo will show you the coments for it. Thanks again.

new items are posted in the for sale gallery.

I have just posted a pouch in the for sale gallery, and put a few images of sheath work in the "other stuff " Ive cobbled gallery too.
I hope to post a bunch items in all of the galleries here real soon...

new photos of bags in the "consigned and sold" image gallery

I have posted up a few new bag pictures in the "consigned and sold" image gallery...they are of a few pouches Ive made or sold recently.
I will be posting pictures of a few more and some sheathes etc here real soon too....comments and questions are appreciated....
sorry Im still so slow on the board here, but I hope you understand how busy I have been...sincerely

Hunting season on the way

The autum hunting season is nearly here, and Im making up bags just in time for it...consignments actually...but its neat to be making a traditional bag that is soon going out in the field just in like the old days. Its pretty nice stitching up a bag with that in mind. This one is another Pennsylvania folk art bag and it seems to still be a popular style. Even though I have made several of these and have the pattern down pretty well, theres always room for an improvement here and a refinement there...this time a request for an inner pocket and a sleeve to hold a short starter were requested.

CLA show

Well....I have been totally consumed getting ready for the CLA has really snuck up on me even though
Ive been getting ready for it for months..I hope to get half of what Im planning done ready in time...but I have my
doubts. Loooks like the show is a sell out, and should be a really good one, even though its coming way too fast,
I guess I cant wait for it....

CLA show

Are any of you planning to make it to the CLA show this August in Lexington really is shaping up to be a great show...and there will be some good publicity coming out about it here pretty quick...there are a few really good bags that were made for the live auction...I will try to post the pictures here and more show info pretty quick...

original pouch size study

Theres alot of debate about how big the average shooting pouch really was. They were all pretty much individual items and made to suit the owner thats true, but Mr. Dean Freund has recently spent alot of time gathering up all of the original source data pertaining to pouch dimensions (shape and size) and is coming up with some pretty terrific statistical far it seems to prove that bags were smaller than we tend to make them now.

Thanks Dean

Under the "Questions" section, ( under "Image Galleries") I have placed something titled "Deans Story"
Its a question cause I wonder why donesnt every one think about doing something like this
should the need arise, and of course, why do such bad things happen ....
its great what you have done here think a simple hunting pouch can
still play such a big role in our lives even in todays day and age....
Thanks for sharing this Dean...both the story and the example you have set..

Riggers bag photos are posted

For everyone waiting on them, I thinks theres one or two of you... I have finally posted up some pictures of my riggers bag set up. They are under the traditional tools...I debated that, but decided that a bag like that makes sense and could be traditional....I know plunbers used them...and like most others stuff I use and love, I do have an antique example of an old timer canvas tool bag. If theres interest I can post photos of that too, but truthfully, the new version I have pictured here is wayyyyy better.
Thanks for your tolerance with my slow posts....sincerely

projects and then some

Well...Im real busy these days...I have lots of bags on order, and lots of writting due, but so far its working of my projects is a small leather covered campaign chest. I have an original Im patterning after, but all of the leather from that one is missing...its pretty neat though, its lined with old news paper from 1812.

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