More Snow

They say we will be getting a pretty big snow storm here in the prairie regions of Illinois...
Maybe 20 inches of snow with 40~50 mph winds. The news is treating it like the second coming, and with all the hype you have to take it seriously I suppose, cause the first time you dont is the time you will find yourself stranded about a mile from even a farm house out on the wind swept fields...the fields I must drive across daily to get to work.

Jerry Scales biography in Muzzle Blasts

The new issue (Feb.2011) of Muzzle Blasts has a biography of Jerry Scales, "an Indidna gunmaker we think you should know". Jerry is a great guy, and a great builder, and it was fun getting to know him as I wrote this biography.

The article may be posted on line soon, and when it is I will post a link to the site hosting it right here. Meanwhile, check out the NMLRA web site and be sure you get a copy of the Feb. 2011 issue if you can.


Merry Christmas

Well, ready or not here it comes...Christmas...please know that all of us here at "The Wooden Plow Studios" home of "The Hunting Pouch" are wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and the very best for the new year...

Snake fence

Well, yesterday I had the chance to lay up a little section of snake fence in front of the house. Snake fence isnt to keep snakes out, though Im sure my wife would like it better if that was the case, but rather its a traditional zig-zag type fence that is self supporting and made from long sections of split rails.

the Oconaluftee ***SOLD***

the Oconaluftee ***SOLD***

The Oconaluftee is made of bark tan deer hide. the attached horn was made using broked glass as a scraper in the traditional manner. The making of the large hunting knife attached to the back of the pouch is the feature of an upcoming "Doin it Yourself" article titled "Pouring on the Cutting Edge" in my Muzzleloader column, and should appear in the Novcember/December 2010 issue. I'd be happy to provide a copy of the article with the set.

horse flies on the attack

When the first settlers ventured out onto the prairies around here, they noticed that in the late summer a type of huge blood sucking fly would attack in swarms with such fierceness that it could kill a horse. They called the predators "Green Heads". Eventually the "horse guard fly" was seen on the prairies, and it soon eliminated the green heads in insect to insect combat. The settlers considered the "horse guards" a sort of devine intervention.

Check out these sites

With the upcoming CLA show and live auction only a few weeks away...
I want to draw some attention to all the sites that are featuring some really nice publicity and item photography for the items being auctioned...
first up check out this link for the images on Bill Scurlocks blog page:
It will be a great one to follow as the show gets closer and closer...

new items on the blog site

Art and Jan Riser have posted a few more of my pouch sets from the Historic Rivers of the Froniter series...the Yadkin and the Missouri are new, and you can find images of them on the blog at this link...

A new old bag..

I was just delivered another "old" hunting bag to restore. Its a pretty nice little bag and has stood up well. The attached horn is a beauty, and theres a small measure with it as well. I have another bag at home waiting restoration too...its due by mid August...its a neat old home spun double bag from the percussion era....and closes with a commercially made early bone button...thats kind of rare. I have restored dozens of old hunting pouches, and this one is a pretty neat little one, and in remarkably good shape.

underhammer is here!

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I took delivery of my Charlie Bowers underhammer action. He mounted it to the stock I sent him on one end, and breeched my 48" DeHaas barrel to it on the other. All I can say is wow! With no more work at all this is a fully usable chunk gun...I wont leave it like that as I intend to finish it up in a fine early percussuin style complete with a few inlays and a nice pierced panel patch box inspired by the work of Brent Gurtek as seen on the "Underhammer Society" web page.

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