Yadkin pouch set near done

I nearly have the Yadkin set done...the pouch will have a painted flap, nothing much, but a bit of traditional fraktuer type painting...the horn hangs seperate...I figure the big German game bags never had attached horns, so why would an early bag set created by Moravians at the crossings of the Yadkin? (just my own concept at work there...) The knife is forged, hilted and sheathed, the hilt coming from an antique carving set and made of spiral fluted bone...or perhaps even ivory?


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The Bees Are Here

Its not huntingpouches, but it is an old time craft none the less...bee keeping!
Our bees arrived Friday...four pounds of them and a queen.
They came through the US mail, can you believe it. Next time you think bad on the post office, just think about the crazy stuff they get delivered, like "LIVE BEES".

We set them out into the new hive...its a small 8 frame, two story English garden style hive with a copper roof. They were gentle as could be, (no pun intended),
and we got them into their new home with out too much excitement.

Yadkin set is underway

I have been working away on the Yadkin set between breaks from writing up all of the CLA p.r. articles...and its coming along pretty good...the bag is done...the horn too...and the knife ready to handle...need to make and attach a sheath for the knife...and want to antique the horn a bit more...then pair them all together and write the story of the "Yadkin at the Crossings" that accompanies the bag...
I hope its done by the end of the month...but I wont rush it....

Book review on "Blackpowder411"

Rick Sheets over at Blackpowder 411 has just posted a very nice review of my book
"Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch".


THanks a million Rick...

Rick has a nice site there and is promoting alot of makers and craftsmed involved in the culture of long rifle with a series of reviews and biographies...its definately worth taking a look at his site by pointing and clicking on the above link.

Busy Busy Busy

It's time for the press releases to start hitting the printers for the upcoming CLA auction. This years theme is Certifiably Native, and all items represent things either made by, made for , or used by Native Americans. Theres quill work, forge work, silver work, leather work, cutlery, and even three guns...we have 27 artists and 21 items.

Sheath for Greene River set knife/ Thoughts on patch knives

Last night I made up the sheath for the Green River set...and I copied the sheath on the old bag Im basing the Green on....its actually a very crude sheath, and I want to explain why I would copy it...

I think, and evidence of extant examples seems to bear it out, that patch or utility knives were personal items added by the owners of the pouch, and not provided by the maker of the pouch, especially if the maker was a professional leather worker making items for stock and sale.

Rain Rain go away

We are having nothing but rain it seems...its good to get the normal fall soaking, but maybe not with so many beans yet in the fields...

I wanted to pour a lead ferrule on the patch knife I made this weekend for the Green River set, but couldnt get a long enough rain free window to do it...I melt the lead in a big ladle on the kitchen stove, then pour it right out side the back door...theres no way Id pour it inside, and carrying a ladle full of melted lead through the rain from the house to the shed seemed like a bad idea even if I set up to pour in there.

More on the Green

I got the horn made for the Green River set...Since it represents a fairly early set, I wanted an early horn...and decided that a plain lip horn would fit the bill.

Contemporary Makers Blog

My hat is off to Art and Jan Riser and Robert Weil and the Conmtemporary Makers Blog....its a great daily show case of full color pohotos of contemporary made blackpowder guns and accoutrements...they just featured photos of a horn I made awhile ago...and have regularly featured my creations as often as I send them photos.

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