Green River bag for Historic Rivers of the Frontier bag series.

Im working on the Green River bag now...its the Green of Kentucky not the one out west of Rondyvoo fame...but it sure has a history nearly as fascinating. Its a consigned bag per request, but all of the details are being left up to me...the area its to represent is Ft. Vienna...and Captain Rhoades who settled the area first...he is of German or Pennsylvania Dutch descent, and even though its a Kentucky bag, I want a more professional looking bag than a homespun long hunters rig...this part of the Green in Kentucky was settled and gentrified into big tobacco farms early ...

Fall Festivals

The fall festivals have come ond gone already...I cant believe how fast the year flew...I usually use the festivals to stock up on raw materials for the next years rummaging around through all the junk piles at Pecatonica, Spoon River and Utica's own burgoo here in Illinois has become a yearly ritual...some years are always better than others, but this year the yield was very really cool stuff at all...other than a bee keepers knife that I'm restoring for Bonnie.

Fall projects

9/24/09...Fall is here, and Im busier than ever...

New image of Jeff Bibb pouch

I have just posted a picture of a fowler pouch made by Jeff Bibb. He sent me the photo and a letter about it. I think its a great job.
Its under the "General Questions" section of the image gallery. Please take a look and see. Thanks Jeff...

Jeff Bibb canvas fowler pouch

Jeff Bibb canvas fowler pouch

Hello Tim:

New tool chest

Well, Im moving into a new tool chest...not me, but my leather tools.
I have outgrown the riggers bag, and my wife picked up a really nice little half size joiners/ carpenters box at a local antique market, so all the tools are going to a new should be ready to use and display for the upcoming CLA show...

Bark Tanned Deer Hide

Well...I have always wanted to try working with bark tanned deer hide, and I finally picked up a really nice one to try...and I have to say that Im kind of disapointed.

new bags made by fellow board member

new bags made by fellow board member

I was asked if you can post photos of bags you have made on the Huntingpouch site here, and the answer is you sure can.
If you have any trouble posting them, just email them to me and I will put them up here....(the usual problem seems to be the size of the image...but once its format is reduced, they usually seem to post right up with no more problem)...

These bags were made by fellow board member "Flintlock" using some of the instructions he found in the book


Well, maybe its not so? But it looks like spring may be on the way here.
The ground hog says no, but at least its not 35 degrees below anymore...

Big antique long gun show coming up here the end of the month. Its a great one. The best in the mid-west by a long site. I have a stack of pouches that I have been restoring that are due at the show. Quite an assortment of them, and a few interesting ones.

image galleries are growing

I have been updating the image galleries. To see the photos and comments, slick on the "Image Gallery" prompt, then select which gallery you want to see. Clicking on the photo will show you the coments for it. Thanks again.

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