Hunting season on the way

The autum hunting season is nearly here, and Im making up bags just in time for it...consignments actually...but its neat to be making a traditional bag that is soon going out in the field just in like the old days. Its pretty nice stitching up a bag with that in mind. This one is another Pennsylvania folk art bag and it seems to still be a popular style. Even though I have made several of these and have the pattern down pretty well, theres always room for an improvement here and a refinement there...this time a request for an inner pocket and a sleeve to hold a short starter were requested. Of all the bags I have done, this will be the very first to incorporate a short starter...I dont use one, never have...and I have never seen a place for one on an old bad, but they are popular and it seems even necessary for alot of shooters today so I better get with the times. I hope I can come up with a good way to incorporate it the first try, I have an idea, but its not "field proofed" so to speak. Wish me luck.

Was a time that I'd be boiling traps and doing a bit of pre-season scouting in anticipation of the trapping season right about now. I still have the traps, and even a sack full of log wood crystals and some nice trap wax tucked away just in case, but Im usually off to work at sunrise and soon will be wandering home about sun set once the clocks change again, so theres not much chance I will run a line this season, but its always fun to think about and remember the seasons past when I did. I also did quite a bit of my small game hunting along the trap lines those days. Rabbit, pheasant, even the odd quail or wood cock or two. The other hunting was done well away from any traps after sun set with an old blue tick named "Possum John". He was registered, and could trail a coon like nothing, but he would also trail anything else too, hence his name. I figured thats not a bad thing for a table meat hound and never held it against him, especially since he would work in close along the creeks.I'd just call to him and he would stay working a trail pretty close to me, and wouldnt just take off 'fer the hills on a scent never to be seen again till some future morning when he finally wandered home with swolen feet and a starving belly. Thats an important thing for a one man one dog team hunting the creeks and pastures here in northern Illinois, especially on a cold fall night when morning and chores came early the next day. I have had Mountain currs and even Walkers that never were so god to hunt with that way. He never was much for harsh winters though, and here in Illinois about a third of the year was nothing but winter it seemed...

The deer are raiding the fallen apples in the orchard. Seems a pair of yearlings are either hungry enough, unwise enough, or both and have no fear of being so close to the house even in daylight. They still have spots, and as you can imagine they look like great pouch material to me...ha ha...but the freezer is full, the apples plenty, and for now they are safe and welcome and we just enjoy seeing them, even though Bazzle, our big ole' house dog is of a different opinion. He is a gentle giant, half Airedale, half Bernese Mountain, and all of 160#. I think he would love a nice deer roast given half a chancde. Hickory nuts are falling, squirrels are chattering up a storm, black birds are flocking up, and it seems fall is on the way. What a perfect time for stitching up a hunting pouch or two on the here on the big prairies of Illinois.