Well, maybe its not so? But it looks like spring may be on the way here.
The ground hog says no, but at least its not 35 degrees below anymore...

Big antique long gun show coming up here the end of the month. Its a great one. The best in the mid-west by a long site. I have a stack of pouches that I have been restoring that are due at the show. Quite an assortment of them, and a few interesting ones.
One had an original woven cloth strap! One had an integral pocket attached to the back panel...several shaved hair deer skin flaps...an honest to goodness brain tanned and smoked buffalo skin (wool still on) pouch made with whip stitches, never ever seen one of those, and two german fowler/game bags...one of which is the finest example of traditional leather working Ive ever seen.

Restoring old pouches is the very best way to learn about pouch making...you can see up close exactly how the old timer made his bag, and you quickly realize that no two were made exactly alike, even if they look like twins theres usually at least a few different construction variations and "quirks" employed. The close look at these details you get when doing a restoration really shines a light on this aspect of pouch making ...showing me that theres usually more than one way to do a good job. Thats a pretty good lesson to keep in mind I think.