Busy Busy Busy

It's time for the press releases to start hitting the printers for the upcoming CLA auction. This years theme is Certifiably Native, and all items represent things either made by, made for , or used by Native Americans. Theres quill work, forge work, silver work, leather work, cutlery, and even three guns...we have 27 artists and 21 items.
There are quite a few well known makers among the artists, like Glen McClain, Frank and Lally House, Ken Gahagan, Dave Hughes, Shawn and Amanda Webster, Mike Small, Tom Conde, Roland Cadle, Art De Camp, John Proud...and quite a few brilliant artists whose names are not so familiar...yet...but judging from the quality of their work they soon will be....the list is too big to put everyone on this quick blog...
but look for more details about these folks and their work to follow here on my blog shortly...and for full stories with photos to start apperaing in On The Trail, Muzzle Loader and Muzzle Blasts pretty quick.