The Bees Are Here

Its not huntingpouches, but it is an old time craft none the less...bee keeping!
Our bees arrived Friday...four pounds of them and a queen.
They came through the US mail, can you believe it. Next time you think bad on the post office, just think about the crazy stuff they get delivered, like "LIVE BEES".

We set them out into the new hive...its a small 8 frame, two story English garden style hive with a copper roof. They were gentle as could be, (no pun intended),
and we got them into their new home with out too much excitement.

Im amazed at how much they continue to eat, about a quart of sugar syrup a day, and how much fun they are to just sit and watch. I find myself just sitting there about four feet from the hive watching them, mezmorized as they waggle dance, fly in and fly out,
and generally mind their own bees wax leaving me totally alone even though Im so close. Its not unnerving at all, but actually pretty relaxing.

This is a very fun learning curve and adventure. I have zip nada experience bee keeping, and every day I earerly learn something new about bee keeping, and actually find myself growing proctective of the hive and quickly becoming attached to them just like you might any other farm creatures. I had not expected that.

Anyway, I hope to harvest bees wax to make traditional leather dubbins' cream. And theres an article in the offing for my M.L. column about old time bee hunting, which like bee keeping itself, is nearly a forgotten art.