Yadkin pouch set near done

I nearly have the Yadkin set done...the pouch will have a painted flap, nothing much, but a bit of traditional fraktuer type painting...the horn hangs seperate...I figure the big German game bags never had attached horns, so why would an early bag set created by Moravians at the crossings of the Yadkin? (just my own concept at work there...) The knife is forged, hilted and sheathed, the hilt coming from an antique carving set and made of spiral fluted bone...or perhaps even ivory? (I cant tell, it sure looks like yellowed ivory, but feels denser like bone...I wouldnt doubt that its antique ivory but hate to say it is with out knowing for sure. )

THis set has taken so very long because I have been involved with the CLA publicity articles...man oh man...what an auction we will have this year...but what a big job it has been preparing the articles for it...whew...look for them in upcoming editions of Muzzle Blasts, Muzzle Loader, On THe Trail, Smoke and Fire, American Tradition, and Broadsides...not to mention a few e-magazine blog sites as well..