underhammer is here!

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I took delivery of my Charlie Bowers underhammer action. He mounted it to the stock I sent him on one end, and breeched my 48" DeHaas barrel to it on the other. All I can say is wow! With no more work at all this is a fully usable chunk gun...I wont leave it like that as I intend to finish it up in a fine early percussuin style complete with a few inlays and a nice pierced panel patch box inspired by the work of Brent Gurtek as seen on the "Underhammer Society" web page.

(see Brent's gun on the October &th 2008 entry at this site: http://underhammers.blogspot.com/ )

..and of course make a "River Series" bag set especially for it...Charlie did a wonderful job...I couldnt be happier...he set it up just for my personal pull and shouldering preferences and did a very fine job of it. I was expecting it to be tall with a 48" barrel, but man, it comes to my eye brows tall. Its one thing expecting it, and quite another actually holding it,
all I can say is that it really makes me smile when I do. I have a name for it already, but am keeping it underwraps till I get the whole thing complete with the bag set finifhed...which as busy as Ive been writing the CLA publicity articles for Muzzle Blasts, Muzzle Loader, On THe Trail, Smoke and Fire, American Tradition, and Broadsides...not to mention the soon to be sent on line stories...anyway, so busy that I hope to get it done in my life time...but if not..oh well, it was a blast getting it done up this far...and if you ever want to try on an underhammer for size, I highly recommend an installed action by Mr. Charlie Bowers