A new old bag..

I was just delivered another "old" hunting bag to restore. Its a pretty nice little bag and has stood up well. The attached horn is a beauty, and theres a small measure with it as well. I have another bag at home waiting restoration too...its due by mid August...its a neat old home spun double bag from the percussion era....and closes with a commercially made early bone button...thats kind of rare. I have restored dozens of old hunting pouches, and this one is a pretty neat little one, and in remarkably good shape. I will post more about it in some detail later, and maybe even post images of it if I can get permission from the owner..

The little bag I got today will mostly need some simple strap work...reinforcement stuff...and minor repairs...it will get "no" dressing or oiling at all..please note that as a rule of thumb, conditioning or oiling is generally "not" recommended for old hunting bags.

The old double may get lightly conditioned,, especially as the owner has requested it...Lexol was recommended to me by another experienced restorer, and theres a great 50% off sale at Tandy on that product this month...they have Dr.Johnsons Hide rejuvinator on sale too...I think I will order
a little of each just to have on hand...though, please note, if you are restoring an old bag your self, please dont just start slathering creams or oils on it in the hopes of making it like new again...it rarely turns out that way, and the damage you can do is irreversable...

Old bags are best left as is unless you know what you are doing...keep them laid flat, out of the direct sunlight, in a humidity controlled environment away from a direct heat source as well ( like a forced air heat vent or wood stove, fireplace etc..) Take a million photos and measurements of it, and also record all you know about it, like where you got it, when, and any stories you were told about it when you aquired it etc......and perhaps consign a documented copy of it to be made to use and display.

Old hunting bags are rare, and relatively few survive especially compared to the number of old guns and horns that are around. If you have one, please take care of it for sure...