Snake fence

Well, yesterday I had the chance to lay up a little section of snake fence in front of the house. Snake fence isnt to keep snakes out, though Im sure my wife would like it better if that was the case, but rather its a traditional zig-zag type fence that is self supporting and made from long sections of split rails. I have loved the way they look ever since I had seen them at places like the Museum of Appalachia, but had never had the oppurtunity to make one for myself, that was until we tore out about 200 feet of split rail fence down the side of our property that had stood there for the past decasde or so. The 60 or so cedar rails we salvaged were still pretty nice and had a great old time look to them since they were totally weathered and covered in lichen and moss. So, even though the posts themselves had rotted and were thrown away, every one of rails was saved. I knew I could use them for something, but just wasnt sure for what just yet.

As I say, I wasn't sure what to do with them, but pretty soon after a bit of brain stormong the idea of a good old southern style "snake fence" came to mind. I was sure they would work for that, and pretty sure that I could figure out how to build one, so yesterday I took a bit of time in the evening and laid it up out front where Bonnie had said she would like it.

All I can say is man oh man, it looks great, and Bonnie said she loves it too. Nothing looks more rustic and home spun than a nice little run of nicely aged snake fence. This one is a good 6 rails high. I set the crossings up on sections of split logs to keep them up off the ground, and let the ends taper down...and it really seems pretty sturdy too! I was surprised at how strong it seems, how easy it was to set up, and how nice it looks out front.

It would be pretty expensive to build one of these if you had to buy all of the rails new, but having saved them sure proved to be a good idea. It really added a nice touch of the mountains to our little prairie home...