The Wooden Plow folk art studio is up and running.

I like to create art for arts sake, and sometimes break away from bags, horns, and writing to make something that can only be called folk art I suppose. I usually work in traditional primitive mediums and styles that reflect early Americana, and as the mood suits me I will create pen and ink drawings tinted with water colors, fraktuer paintings, folk dolls, early American painted blanket chests, traditional early 19th century southern furniture, various hand forged iron works, and other whimsical pieces like weather vanes and miniatures.

I plan to post images of these pieces starting with the first drawing in my new series "A Study of Tansel". This series will be my renderings of the folk art images found carved on the powder horns crafted in the early 19th century by the Tansel family of Kentucky and Indiana. The first study is inspired by the work of John Tansel, the oldest son of the family patriarch Francis, but the series will include studies inspired by Francis and Timothy as well.

Look for images in the image gallery under "The Wooden Plow Folk Art Studio" where I will be posting them soon. If you are interseted in any of them, contact information along with availability, pricing, and additional details will be posted there.