Skink hide

I found a real commercial dealer that is actually selling hair on slink (or Slunk?) calf hide. What is that? Its actually the tanned hide of an unborn calf.The hide is tanned in Argentina, and unfortunately its not vegetable tanned. However, that said, it is exactly whats needed for so many hair on professionally made hunting bags. The hair is like velvet, and it really cant be replicated well. Even though "shaved" hides can be worked up and used, deer being used most often, once you see a real slunk hide you will realize the huge difference.

Hair on skink was used on many higher end pouches, but was generally limited to the flap front and front panel. Thats a good thing I suppose, because this little calf hide cost was $125 dollars, and might be 6 or 7 square feet max! I think the old oak tan used to actually color the hair on the skink in days gone by. The old hair on flaps and front panels Ive seen are usually tinged a redish brown. That comes from the tan bath Im assumimg. and I was able to actually get pretty close to that color by choosing a naturally brown haired hide.

I will be using this hide soon, and it will figure very prominently in an upcoming project.